Reducing Disaster Relief Costs

for the World’s Nations

The Alliance of Nations is an intergovernmental organization of states, nations, and the private sector PROPOSING that a sponsored not-for-profit, single agenda, self-governing climate restoration and management stewardship be instituted in order to manage the climate’s impact on the environment and the continuity of humanity.

The Alliance also proposes that it has in-house global climate stabilization technologies which it can implement almost immediately to restore predictable weather patterns.  This, limiting extreme weather events and unpredictable climates currently impacting our environment.

Essentially, each of the world’s nations would need to delegate thier part of the global authority to execute a climate restoration and maintenance mission to The Alliance of Nations. The Alliance would then delegate this duty, with the collective authority, influence and resources to an autonomous and independent climate stewardship institution.

To date, the current managers of the climate has not minimized the impacts on the environment to ensure the continuity of humanity. This balanced management function requires regular long term maintenance and qualified care. We call this area of management “The Red Zones of Humanity.” This critical red zone and its related functionality sustains a complex global system which has essentially failed. If these functions fail, our future climate becomes increasingly unstable, resulting in significant impacts on the environment, resulting in risks to plant and animal life. This Climate Red Zone requires management insulated from the influence and risks associated with politics, special interests, bureaucracy, or social conflicts of interest.

The Alliance serves to organize all parties’ pledges of authority, influence, assets, services, infrastructure, and resources, to support the stewardship’s mission and to develop various climate restorative technology infrastructure solutions.  The Alliance also serves to separate social “Return on Investment” and “Cost-Benefit” calculations that may go against the greater good, placing humanity’s future at risk. Protecting society from implied public and private obligations is also accomplished by separating this independent climate stewardship’s autonomous operations.  As a global facilitator, or custodian, of the climate, The Climate Protection Consortium, is fully sponsored by The Alliance to carry out all necessary climate restoration duties and maintenance tasks to minimize the impacts on the environment.

The Alliance is currently forming member nations and states.


This is an official website of The Alliance of Nations.